Welcome to my super secret hideout, cats and kittens! When I'm not out making some crime (or inhaling SideMan's far-out hot wings), the Glittery One likes to hang out capping on the web! For all you square pears out there who ain't clued in on what capping is, let me lay it on you. It's when you can make fun of freaky pictures from TV, movies, and whatever else happens up. Glitter does it, and he ain't alone. There are loads of laff-out-loud Cappers out there on the world wide web, riffing their crazy hearts out at screengrabs. I'll highlight some of the funniest I've seen.

Now when I started this humble site, I never imagined that I'd have 50 pages of caps ... much less that one day I've have over 2,500! So what I've done to get the Dome to load more quickly (or as the kids say these days, more "quicker") is I've made it so that you just need click the gallery you want to visit and it'll take you there. I've also went and sectioned out some of the larger galleries' links to 20 pages each (where applicable). Don't get discouraged by clicking the link to "1-20" just cause you wanna eventually see page 15; trust me, there's tons of funny stuff waiting for you in those in-between pages.

Remember dudes and dudettes: everything contained herein is all meant in fun. Also some of the Cappers may use occasionally freaky language (i.e. the "F" word) -- so all you more-sensitive viewers be sure to cover your ears!

Since the Glitterdome's been around for over 17 years, alot of Capper threads/in-jokes have cropped up. Here's a guide of some of the more popular ones you might see and not understand a thing about.


... AND THE REST....